F'10 Thesis: Osnat Tadmor

Osnat Tadmor
M.Arch Thesis Spring 2011
Faculty Advisor: Axel Kilian
Project Title:  “NON IDEAL - performance space as an acoustic prism 

The conventional design strategy of a space for sound is based on the defaultive distinction between sound and noise, excluding the latter, tuning the space to create an ideal acoustic enclosure. Sound spaces are conventionally thought of as sealed acoustic environments designed for specific events and separated from the public space wrapping them. Contemporary attempts to create variable acoustics in performance spaces are trapped in the same conventional strategy of an accommodation to what is perceived as an ideal acoustic configuration. This thesis challenges the conventional design of a “box within a box” while adopting the relative aspect of the term noise: one personÂʼs signal is another personÂʼs noise.

Understanding the acoustic environment as open, varied and noisy suggesting a design strategy that embraces the spatial opportunities of a space for sound, allowing multiple interpretations of one performance. In this project the architecture is becoming an ! essential part of the acoustic composition sorting it to extract variable acoustic perspectives and variable atmospheres.