F’13 Studio: Gina Morrow

505a Graduate Design Studio: Liam Young

Data Wilds
by Gina Morrow

Map-making is about filling in holes to enhance our geographic knowledge. Ever more so today, laser scanning technologies have enabled the production of millimeter-precise, 3D virtual maps of everything from historic monuments to real estate and infrastructure. Mobilized by developers, environmental agencies, power companies, and the government, this technology is increasingly being implemented to map our world at a one-to-one scale. This film explores a future where all territories are digitally traversable. In this future physical objects inserted in the landscape create the holes and distortions—the mysteries and fictions—that maps once contained.
The point clouds generated by these objects are based on real physical models scanned by a Kinect and visualized through the RGBDToolkit and Cinema4D. Each is designed to create distortions specific to their narrative location and use.