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M+M: David Joselit, "After Art: Information Politics"

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Please join us on Tuesday, February 18 at 5pm for a Media and Modernity colloquium with David Joselit.

Princeton SoA, N107, 5pm

"After Art: Information Politics"

David Joselit (CUNY Graduate Center)

Building on three concepts introduced in his 2012 book, After Art, Joselit will consider the contemporary politics of information in the age of Wikileaks. Since Conceptual art, the question of aesthetics has converged with flows of information, but our info-economy today has reached an unprecedented scale. Questions addressed will be: 1) How has art-as-information become a global currency; 2) How does the art world define the status of information as private property; and 3) How can we theorize an epistemology of search in recent aesthetic practices, under which content is less important than accessibility.

After Art on Princeton University Press.


David Joselit has taught at the University of California, Irvine, and Yale University. He is currently Distinguished Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is author of four books including Feedback: Television Against Democracy (2007), and After Art (2012). Joselit is an editor of October and writes frequently on art and culture.