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M+M: Claus Pias, "Friedrich Kittler and the 'misuse of military equipment'

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Princeton Department of Art & Archaeology, 106 McCormick (new location), 4:30pm

Claus Pias (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg)
"Friedrich Kittler and the 'misuse of military equipment': On the Situation of an expression 1964/1984/2014"

This paper will historicize Kittler’s media theory of the 1980s by means of its own media-historical conditions. In so doing, the expression “misuse of military equipment” will play a central role: why is media history at the start of the 1980s conceptualized as a history of mis-use? Why was this figure of thought so obvious at that time? What is the relationship of the mis-use theory and the media-technological apriori? And why have their consequences become problematic for the understanding of digital media (or digital cultures) today?

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