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Lecture: Postwar New York

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The Princeton Mellon Forum for Research on the Urban Environment

Fall 2014 Lectures - American Places
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Monday October 13 at Noon
Architecture room N-107

Postwar New York
Mariana Mogilevich (Princeton-Mellon Fellow)
Aaron Shkuda (Princeton-Mellon Project Manager)
Discussant: Zahid R. Chaudhary (English)

The story of postwar New York is one multiple transitions, from center of the world to the nadir of urban crisis, from the Naked City to gentrification and the global city. How do we write a history of urban transition - physical, cultural, ideological? And what does the history of New York City - both exceptional and emblematic - tell us about urban change more widely? Two narratives - the story of artist-led gentrification in SoHo and a series of obscure design experiments in urban open space during the mayoral administration of John V. Lindsay - can help elucidate the relationships between esthetics, culture and the politics of urban planning and development.

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