Fei Wang Curates 10th Shanghai Biennale Exhibit Featuring SoA Alumni


As the assigned curator of Shanghai Power Station of Art Museum , Fei Wang (*14) is co-curating an exhibition titled "Another Leap" in Shanghai from this Oct. 28 to next Mar. 8.

"Another Leap" focuses on the intersection of the Internet, architecture, art and engineering, and invites artist, architect, engineer, maker, coder, entrepreneur, research institute, art company, to deliver a new paradigm of thinking-doing across politics, economy and geography.

As part of the 10th Shanghai Biennale, "Another Leap" features the work of several Princeton SoA alumni including Hao Ruan (*11), Willem Boning (*13), Harry MX Wei (*14), Hanguang Dong (*14), and Fei Wang (*14).

Official Website Museum:
Official WeChat ID: another_3