S'14 Studio: Kayla Manning

This projects investigates the historical precedent of play grounds and play structures in the urban environment. The project aims to introduce a new type of playful environment into the urban fabric that is open to all generations. The public stair becomes an armature for these environments, where the parameters of the stair are manipulated to create gradations of different occupation. Creating gradual and challenging climbing structures, the space becomes a social bubble for people to explore and challenge themselves. The handrail as a parameter is also introduced to delineate different spatial zones and to create another armature for play, for swinging, climbing, hanging, etc.

The project aims for an optimism that the public stair can be a more playful element of the urban fabric and need not always follow building codes and regulations. Also an optimism that the boundary and specificity of the designated playground can be blurred, creating an inviting playful space for all generations.