S'14 Studio: Matthew Schneider

By taking on the idea of generative design, exhaustive efforts were made to create many iterations of the same ideas.

By choosing two cathedrals at random (Chartes Cathedral and Notre Dame of Paris) and dissecting them, a catalogue of parts has been created. Each part was then assigned to a random location on a grid, at a random rotation to create a collage of the parts. The resulting collage was considered on the part to whole relationship, the new whole of the combined foot prints, and the shape of the silhouette.

The approach of how to combine the parts of the two different cathedrals as integral to its outcome as it was considered on the basis of the new whole. opportunities were sought after from the invented spaces resulting from the collisions.

A loose language of the original cathedrals was aimed towards, as the new columns "flower" out at the top, creating a pointed arch in the negative space. The interior is considered as one expansive interior, and programmed to the ghost of each original collaged part, creating a collage of program.