Borrowing AV Equipment

The School maintains and circulates a limited number of cameras, camcorders, digital audio recorders, tripods, digital/analog projectors, and a photo room equipped with two backdrops (black/white) for SoA students. 

To borrow equipment, students must first sign the School's Equipment Loan Agreement.  To retain borrowing privileges, students must return equipment promptly and in good order. 

All SoA AV equipment is available for one day or one night only.  Equipment that has been signed out overnight must be returned by 10:00 am the following morning.  If one needs equipment for longer than a day, a specific arrangement must be agreed upon at the time of the loan.  Note that loans on Friday extend to Monday morning. 

Spontaneous requests to borrow equipment can sometimes be met, but we recommended that students email Christina Lipsky at least one day in advance to try and reserve equipment. 

Questions about AV equipment?  Contact Christina Lipsky at