03.12.15 to 03.15.15

Exhibit: "Designing for Climate Change"


Structures of Coastal Resilience presents an exhibition:

Designing for Climate Change

Opening Reception
Thursday March 12, 7-9:30pm

March 13-15 (Friday 10-6, Saturday and Sunday 12-5)

Cabinet Magazine
300 Nevins Street (between Union and Sackett)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

The exhibition features projective designs for four coastal cities vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise and climate change. These proposals are the result of a collaboration between climate scientists and designers including:

Dilip Da Cunha
Rosetta Elkin
Paul Lewis
Ning Lin
Anuradha Mathur  
Guy Nordenson
Michael Oppenheimer
Catherine Seavitt
Michael Van Valkenburgh