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Guidelines for Submitting Student Work

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The School of Architecture


Recently Completed Doctoral Dissertations



Sample AI Announcement


Course Requirements per Degree Program

Course Requirements


Graduate Electives by Distribution

Course Requirements


Undergraduate Electives by Distribution

Course Requirements


Undergraduate Junior Paper

Course Requirements


Undergraduate Program in Architecture



Post-Professional Graduate Program

The Post-Professional Graduate Program is available to those who hold a B.Arch degree or its equivalent from an international institution. This degree is not accredited by NAAB.



Professional Master in Architecture

The Professional Master in Architecture degree, accredited by NAAB, is intended for students who plan to practice architecture professionally.



Ph.D. track in History and Theory of Architecture

admissions, ph.d.


Program in Architecture and Engineering



Test Course Schedule Graphic


Pidgin Magazine

Edited and designed by graduate students at Princeton University School of Architecture.

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Graduate Courses


Undergraduate Courses


Peter Pelsinski

Visiting Lecturer

visiting faculty


Common Accounts in the NYT Style Magazine architects' list



Dissertation Proposal Defense: Zulaikha Ayub

"Translations from Drawing to Bombing (and Other Disarrays)"



Guillermo S. Arsuaga

students, ph.d.


Gregory Elias Cartelli

students, ph.d.


Justin Fowler

Justin Fowler, Ph.D. Student

students, CAUI 07-13, ph.d.


Ivan Lopez Munuera

students, ph.d.


Armando Rafael Pastrana Jimenez

students, ph.d.


Camila P. Reyes Alé

students, ph.d.


Assistantships in Research

Assistantships in Research (ARs) are appointments provided to students who perform research in coordination with a faculty member as a part of their training.

admissions, ph.d., m.arch


Assistantships-in-Instruction (AI)



Final Public Oral Exam of Esther M. Choi



Jackilin Hah Bloom


Kunlé Adeyemi


Katie Zaeh


Students Develop Interdisciplinary Project Tackling Issues of Urban Sprawl

students, undergraduate, m.arch


History of the School


About Princeton University


Cameron Wu

Assistant Professor, Architecture ; Director of Undergraduate Studies



Erin Besler

Assistant Professor, Architecture



Marshall Brown

Associate Professor, Architecture ; Director of Graduate Studies



Robert Geddes

William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Architecture, Emeritus.

emeritus and former faculty


Beatriz Colomina

Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture

faculty, M+M