09.01.23 to 05.31.24

Graduate Courses

09.01.23 to 05.31.24

Undergraduate Courses


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Post-Professional Graduate Program

The Post-Professional Graduate Program is available to those who hold a B.Arch degree or its equivalent from an international institution. This degree is not accredited by NAAB.



Professional Master in Architecture

The Professional Master in Architecture degree, accredited by NAAB, is intended for students who plan to practice architecture professionally.



Assistantships in Research

Assistantships in Research (ARs) are appointments provided to students who perform research in coordination with a faculty member as a part of their training.

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Assistantships-in-Instruction (AI)


02.02.15 to 06.05.15

SoA Digital Exhibitions: Spring 2015

Four exhibitions from February to May: Avatars; Tracing Waste; Projections; and Magic Architecture.

10.10.14 to 11.19.14

SoA Exhibit: Keith Krumwiede, "Freedomland"

Showing in the SoA Digital Gallery, October 10-November 19


Recording Release Form

Required when Recording


Princeton University Library

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J Street Library

Julian Street Library and Media Center is located in Wilcox Hall.


Digital Map and Geospatial Information Center

Located in Lewis Library.