Classroom and Media Cart Technology

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The School of Architecture has four classrooms, three of which are supported by Media Services. The three classrooms supported by Media Services includes Betts Auditorium, N-106, and N-107. N-104 is maintained by the SoA. All Media Services classrooms are equipped with a projector, classroom computer, audio, projector screen, Extron touch screen, and multiple input cables. N-104 is equipped with a projector, audio and Apple TV. For any technical issues or questions, please contact the SoA IT department.

Media Carts

The School of Architecture has seven Mobile Media Carts available to use. Each cart is equipped with a 50" LG LCD, mac-mini, and Apple TV. Each cart and associated equipment is labeled 1-7. Instructions for using the cart is displayed on the cart.

There are several ways to display content on the cart:

  • Use the attached Mac-mini and load material via USB
  • Connect a laptop to the cart directly via HDMI cable (HDMI Input 1)
  • Stream content via Apple TV (HDMI Input 2). 
    • Mac laptops can stream via Airplay
    • Windows laptops can stream via AirParrot

Soon to come! Cart reservations can be done via Cheqroom.