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11.30.17 to 12.01.17


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Thursday, November 30th
Keynote lecture from Boris Groys, Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, NYU and screening of film by Anton Vidokle
5:00pm   Are We Human? Gallery talk with Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley
6:00pm   Introduction to Cosmism—A Superhumanity Symposium
6:15pm   Keynote Lecture: Boris Groys: “Becoming Cosmic”
7:00pm   Anton Vidokle: Introduction of Film Immortality and Resurrection for All! 
7:15pm   Screening: Immortality and Resurrection for All! (2017)
7:45pm   Q&A

Friday, December 1st
Symposium and screening of films by Anton Vidokle
Speakers include Boris Groys, Anton Vidokle, Robert Bird, Maria Chehonadskih, Arseny Zhilyaev, Nikolaus Hirsch, Mark Wigley, and Beatriz Colomina

10:00am   Anton Vidokle: Introduction of Film The Communist Revolution Was Caused by the Sun
10:15am   Screening: The Communist Revolution Was Caused by the Sun (2015)
10:45am   Q&A
11:00am   Robert Bird: “How to Keep Communism Aloft: Labor, Energy and the Model Cosmos in Soviet Cinema”
11:30am   Arseny Zhilyaev: “Optimists of the Future Past Perfect”
12:00pm   Q&A
1:30pm   Maria Chehonadskih: "The Stofflichkeit of the Universe: Aleksandr Bogdanov and the Soviet Avant-garde”
2:00pm   Q&A
2:30pm   Anton Vidokle: Introduction of Film This is Cosmos 
2:45pm   Screening: This is Cosmos (2014)
3:15pm   Q&A
3:30pm   Roundtable Discussion: Boris Groys and symposium participants

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