F'10 Studio: Jia Xin Chum & Samantha Sanders

Jua Xin Chum & Samantha Sanders
M.Arch Studio Fall 2010
Faculty Advisor: Hani Rashid

Studio Brief

This studio will take on the task of designing ‘new cities’ initiated by a comprehensive analysis that entails investigating and speculating on the parameters and nuances of the future potentials for city space. This research will inform the parallel development of ‘abstract’ ideas for master planning coupled with more detailed building designs that are latent in these works. These ‘new cities’ will be designed “from the ground up”, developed on abstract sites devoid of context, histories or restrictions (other than a necessary semblance of reality and logic).

The intention here is to shift the focus from traditional ‘urban planning’ methodologies that are more often reliant on historic precedent, site contingencies, and a myriad of pre-occupations to one of pure innovation and experimentation where all aspects of the city, ranging from the practical to the technological are tackled and integrated into a visionary proposal.