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Media + Modernity: Conversations About Sculpture: Richard Serra and Hal Foster

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Program in Media and Modernity presents Conversations About Sculpture: Richard Serra and Hal Foster
Tuesday, November 13th
5pm, N-107

Hal Foster (Townsend Martin, Class of 1917, Professor of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University)
Respondent: Julian Rose (Doctoral Student, A&A, Princeton University)

Drawn from talks held over a fifteen-year period, this book offers revelations into Serra's six-decade career and the ideas that have informed his practice. Conversations about Sculpture (Yale UP 2018) is both an intimate look at Serra’s life and work, with candid reflections on personal moments of discovery, and a provocative examination of sculptural form from antiquity to today. Serra and Foster explore such subjects as the artist’s work in steel mills as a young man; the impact of music, dance, and architecture on his art; the importance of materiality and site-specificity to his aesthetic; his belief in sculpture as experience; and the controversies and contradictions his work has faced. They also discuss sources of inspiration—from Donatello and Brancusi to Japanese gardens and Machu Picchu—revealing a history of sculpture across time and culture through the eyes of one of the medium’s most significant figures.