Program in Media and Modernity



The Program in Media and Modernity promotes the interdisciplinary study of the unique cultural formations that came to prominence during the last century, with special attention paid to the interplay between culture and technology, centering on architecture, art, film, photography, literature, philosophy, music, history, and media from radio to information technology. It draws on the rich human and material resources that exist at Princeton and provides a focus and forum for research and teaching in the spaces, texts, media, and modernities of the 20th century. The program offers a graduate certificate and collaborative teaching, learning, and research opportunities centered on team-taught seminars and cross-disciplinary colloquia.




Beatriz Colomina, Architecture

Irene V. Small, Art and Archaeology
Executive Committee
Basile Baudez, Art and Archaeology
Ruha Benjamin, African American Studies
Eduardo Cadava, English
Beatriz Colomina, School of Architecture
Brigid Doherty, German, Art and Archaeology
Devin Fore, German
Hal Foster, Art and Archaeology
Rubén Gallo, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Sylvia Lavin, School of Architecture
Thomas Y. Levin, German
V. Mitch McEwen, Architecture
Spyros Papapetros, School of Architecture
Rachel Price, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Irene V. Small, Art and Archaeology
Gavin Steingo, Music
Associated Faculty
Bridget Alsdorf, [Art and Archaeology]
M. Christine Boyer, [Architecture]
Jay Cephas, [Architecture]
Zahid R. Chaudhary, [English]
Steven Chung, [East Asian Studies]
Angela N. Creager, [History]
Rachael Z. DeLue, [Art and Archaeology]
Elizabeth Diller, [Architecture]
S.E. Eisterer, [Architecture]
Diana J. Fuss, [English]
Mario I. Gandelsonas, [Architecture]
Erin Y. Huang, [East Asian Studies]
Monica Huerta, [English]
Daniel Heller-Roazen, [Comparative Literature]
Brooke A. Holmes, [Classics]
Michael Meredith, [Architecture]
Paul Nadal, [English and American Studies]
Mónica Ponce de León, [Architecture]
Jesse A. Reiser, [Architecture]
Effie Rentzou, [French & Italian]
Paul E. Starr, [Sociology]
Jeffrey Whetstone, [Lewis Center for the Arts]
Carolyn Yerkes, [Art and Archaeology]
Iason Stathatos