PUIC Roma 20-25 Exhibition Opens


In Rome this week, Princeton Urban Imagination Center / PUIC (formerly CAUI), headed by Stan Allen, joins 24 universities in presenting a new vision for metropolitan Rome.  

Roma 20-25: New Life Cycles for the Metropolis” is an international design workshop and exhibition organized by the MAXXI Foundation and the Urban Planning Department of the City of Rome. Drawing from the 1978 “Roma Interrotta” exhibition, the project calls schools of architecture to envision Rome’s urban future by superimposing a virtual grid to a new map of Rome’s metropolitan area. Rather than dividing the city based on the Nolli plan’s twelve sections, Roma 20-25 generated a new map of Rome by identifying the territory where most of the social and economic activities currently take place. Twenty-five different areas were defined and assigned to participating universities, who were asked to both analyze and re-design their given territories.

For more information, visit the Princeton Urban Imagination Center / PUIC website.

“Roma 20-25: New Life Cycles for the Metropolis” is on view from December 19 through January 17, 2016


Research and Exhibition Proposal: Princeton Urban Imagination Center / PUIC (formerly CAUI)
Director and project leader: Stan Allen
Research and Design Team: Julian Harake, Miles Gertler, Alfredo Thiermann, Hans Tursack, Okki Berendschot, Liam Turkle, and Princeton University PUIC