RADICAL PEDAGOGIES: A Collaborative Research Project


RADICAL PEDAGOGIES: A Collaborative Research Project

RADICAL PEDAGOGIES explores a series of pedagogical experiments that played a crucial role in shaping architectural discourse and practice in the second half of the twentieth century. As a challenge to normative thinking, they questioned, redefined, and reshaped the postwar field of architecture. They are radical in the literal meaning stemming from the Latin radix (root), as they question the basis of architecture. These new modes of teaching shook foundations and disturbed assumptions, rather than reinforcing and disseminating them. They operated as small endeavors, sometimes on the fringes of institutions, but had long-lasting impact. Much of architectural teaching today still rests on the paradigms they introduced.

RADICAL PEDAGOGIES is an ongoing multiyear collaborative research project by Beatriz Colomina with the PhD students at Princeton University School of Architecture. It has so far involved three years of seminars, interviews, archival research, guest lectures, and contributions by protagonists and scholars around the world. Architecture history and theory is taught and practiced as an experiment in itself, exploring the potential of collaboration— in what is often taught to be an individual field—and addressing the challenges and opportunities of new media.


Case Study Contributors

Anthony Acciavatti, Cristobal Amunategui, José Araguëz, Pep Aviles, Joseph Bedford, Craig Buckley, Marta Caldeira, Esther Choi, Jean-Louis Cohen, Beatriz Colomina, Roberto Damiano, Marco De Michelis, Eva Díaz, Isabelle Doucet, José Esparza, Britt Eversole, Daniela Fabricius, Jacobo García-Germán, Ignacio Gonzalez Galan, Vanessa Grossman, Francisca Insulza, Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Alicia Imperiale, Evangelos Kotsioris, Peter Lang, Andrew Leach, Ana Maria León, Mary-Lou Lobsinger, Franco Marigliano, Anna-Maria Meister, Andrea Merrett, Matthew Mullane, Luca Molinari, Joaquim Moreno, Masha Panteleyeva, Emmanuel Petit, Alessandra Ponte, Clelia Pozzi, Daria Ricchi, Josep Rovira, Felicity D. Scott, Federica Soletta, Molly Wright Steenson, Martino Stierli, Irene Sunwoo, Lea-Catherine Szacka, Daniel Talesnik, Horacio Torrent, Federica Vannucchi, Jean-Louis Violeau, Mark Wigley.


Beatriz Colomina, Britt Eversole, Ignacio G. Galán, Evangelos Kotsioris, Anna-Maria Meister, Federica Vannucchi with other PhD Students of the School of Architecture at Princeton University.


RADICAL PEDAGOGIES: Events, Lectures and Links

RADICAL PEDAGOGIES at the AA in London: "School, School" Lecture Series