S'12 Studio: Ornicha Duriyaprapan

ARC 506 Graduate Design Studio: Faculty: Jesse Reiser

Tabula Sublimis: Sendai

The project proposes an integrated city where relationship between nature and human-inhabitation co-existed in 3-dimentional volume rather than in 2-dimentional plane. The project encompasses the ideal of urban farming which promotes job for its residents and more importantly creates sustainable city.

For Sendai where issue of flooding is a main concern, 'Integrated Field' offers a possible solution to a city that constantly faces an issue of re-construction. By strategically integrated agricultural and human inhabitation and creating water-barrier, the design offers a possibility of continuous growth for both human inhabitation and natural ecology without a disruption from natural disaster.

The hybrid mix between human-inhabitation and nature (green) also applicable in the design of irreducible unit where introduction of wall-inclination opening up space that allows nature (tree) to be integrated. Irreducible unit is understood as a combination of its components which is the room. Variation of room combinations (with different degree in wall-inclination) gives another dimension to the unit including a range in privacy level, variation of view, and more importantly, it governs the way people occupy the space.