Senior Theses, 2012-13

Senior theses for 2012-13 include:

Ammar Ahmed, Aldo Van Eyck's Playgrounds in the Image of the Child (Faculty Advisor: Guy Nordenson)

Carly De La Hoz, The Favela Typology: Architecture in the Self-Built City (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Ubaldo Escalante, Beyond the Golden Period (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Charles Evans, From Analog to Digital:  an Interpretation of Architectural Tools and Their Effects on Built Form (Faculty Advisor: Axel Kilian)

Sarah Murphy Gray, Inextricable Ties: The Spatial Experience of African Americans Before and After the Great Migration (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)

Matthew Hepburn, Objectification of the Subjective: How the photograph and digital design media have moved architectural representation away from considering experience (Faculty Advisor: Michael Meredith)

Hugh Kohl, Comic Architecture: Composition and Representation in the Archicomic from Archigram to BIG (Faculty Advisor: Spyros Papapetros)

Sophie Krause, In an Architectural Frame of Mind: Framing Devices in Heiner Goebbels' Music Theater (Faculty Advisor: Spyros Papapetros)

Elizabeth Kuhn, From Animation to Architectonics: Drawing Parallels between Disney Cartoons and 20th Century Architecture (Faculty Advisor: Spyros Papapetros)

Charlotte Leib, The Garden and The Grid: A History and Theory of Los Angeles Community Gardens as Cultural Infrastructure (Faculty Advisor: Mario Gandelsonas)

Margaret Marsh, The Caricature of Architectural Practice: An Exercise in Deconstructivist Representation Through the Section Drawing (Faculty Advisor: Michael Meredith)

Jessica Myers, The Marketplace and the Metropolis (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)

Anthony Pappenfus, The Hospital Redefined: The Effect of Evolving Wireless Networks, Technology + Bioinformatics on the Future of the Contemporary Medical Facility (Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Zaera-Polo)

Kayla Perez, Opposing Notions of the Built Escape in New Mexico: The Countercultural Utopian Commune and the Contrived Tourist Destination (Faculty Advisor: Beatriz Colomina)

Jason Reagor, Reflective and Speculative Architecture in Science Fiction Noir (Faculty Advisor: Jesse Reiser)

Ellen Shakespear, The Interstate Tourist Trap: Sites of Reaction to a Landscape of Reason (Faculty Advisor: Christine Boyer)

C. Blair Storie-Johnson, Holey Architecture: The perforated façade as indicative of the end of transparency (Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Zaera-Polo)

Liyan Zhao, McArchitecture (Faculty Advisor: Paul Lewis)