Event Date: 
02.01.16 to 02.12.16

SoA Exhibit: Itineraries - 2015 Butler Traveling Fellowships


SoA Exhibition

February 1 - February 12, 2016
Opening Gallery Presentation: Friday, February 5 at noon

Itineraries: 2015 Butler Traveling Fellowships
Co-curated by Sanger Clark, Van Kluytenaar, Kayla Manning, Vincent Meyer-Madaus,  Abby Stone, and Paul Lewis

Each year Princeton University School of Architecture awards the Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship to a group of Master of Architecture students entering their thesis year. These fellowships fund summer travel for independent research projects which are intended to support the students’ thesis research.

Last year’s recipients traveled to Ireland, Cuba, Iceland, the West Coast of the US, and Vietnam. This exhibition will showcase highlights from these research trips, which investigated: sonic landscapes of megalithic tombs in Ireland; alternative forms of architectural value in Cuba; geomorphological processes and geothermal infrastructures in Iceland; spatial, cultural and typological research on residential garages on the West Coast; and urban morphology and incremental housing in Hanoi.


The Howard Crosby Butler Prize was established in 1961 under the will of Professor Butler, Class of 1892.  Butler was an archaeologist and Professor of the History of Architecture.  He was first Master in Residence of the Graduate College and first director of the School of Architecture. 

In 1899-1900, Butler directed the first expedition sponsored by the University.  Over the course of three expeditions to Syria, Butler amassed a collection of more than 1,500 photographs which are viewable in the Department of Art & Archaeology's Research Photographs Collections.

As a member of the Princeton University faculty from 1896 to 1922, Butler "stood almost alone," said Professor Allan Marquand, "in transcending his subject and in revealing it against its broad and deep historic background both as complete in itself and as an organic part of human achievement.'' His teaching inspired a group of alumni architects to initiate a movement that resulted in the establishment of the School of Architecture in 1920, with Butler as first director. 

The Howard Crosby Butler Prize provides support for students doing research in preparation for the thesis or dissertation. 

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