On View: Cameron Wu's "Magnetic Z" at Art Omi


Cameron Wu's "Magnetic Z" opened in the Architecture Fields at Art Omi in Ghent, NY on July 27, 2020. It will be on view for several years.


Wu’s architectural practice involves the research and deployment of developable surface geometries. Magnetic Z comprises two primary surfaces which exhibit opposing formal properties—curved vs. planar, high resolution vs. low resolution, continuous vs. discrete. These surfaces also define a figural promenade of ramp and stairs, which acts as a spatial hinge in the landscape, providing new vantages of the visitor’s surroundings, a sense of movement and play, and a respite from the elements. The title alludes to the phenomenon of magnetic north, which deviates from true geographic north. In this case, however, the leaning axes of the outer conical surface and pyramid tower deviate from true vertical orientation, otherwise known as the z-axis.


Situated on three-hundred acres in the Hudson Valley, Art Omi presents the works of contemporary artists and architects, and offers the opportunity to experience a range of large-scale works in a singular outdoor environment, plus a 1,500 square foot gallery. The Sculpture & Architecture Park currently offers more than 60 works of art and architecture on view, with pieces added or exchanged each year. Art Omi welcomes the public to its events and grounds free of charge, and is open daily.


To visit Art Omi and read more about the work: https://artomi.org/exhibitions/cameron-wu-magnetic-z


Team Credits:

Cole Cataneo (M.Arch '21)
Anna Kerr (M.Arch '22)
Lisa Ramsburg (M.Arch '22)
Grey Wartinger