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Student Presentations: Trenton-Princeton Research Projects

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Carl Fields Center, Multipurpose Room, Princeton University
December 13th, 1:30-4:30pm

Professors Purcell Carson, Alison Isenberg, and Rob McGreevey invite you to join us for student research presentations focusing on the Trenton-Princeton region in the 1930s-1970s, combining the HIS 393 Seminar at The College of New Jersey, and URB 202/HIS 202 at Princeton University. The event is free and open to members of the university and college communities and their guests. RSVP to Jacquelyn Walsh at jw42@princeton.edu (include your name, institutional affiliation, and email address). Please contact Alison Isenberg (isenber@princeton.edu, 609-258-2205) with questions. Each panel will include a 10-15 minute discussion. The students look forward to your feedback, which they will be able to use in their final revisions.

Contested ground: discrimination in housing and policing (1:30-2:30pm)
Trapped Between: City-Sanctioned Racial Discrimination in Trenton's Public and Private Housing Supply, 1938-1963
Rosie Driscoll

"Thoughtless Action" and "Unwritten Law": Methods of and Response to Housing Discrimination and Intimidation in Trenton, 1950-1959
Conor Reid

Reshaping and Remapping Urban Public Housing: John Fitch Way, Trenton, NJ, 1962-1965
Jennifer Naranjo

The Police in Context: Brutality, Trenton, and the 1960s
Jack Lohmann

A Riot after the Report: The Lilley Commission and New Jersey Government Approaches to Civil Unrest in 1968
Spencer Parts

Schools: upward mobility for all? (2:30-3:40pm)
The Policy and Philosophy of Education: The TCU and the Desegregation of Trenton Schools, 1944-1955
Kevin Moncayo

Keeping with the Philosophy of Education: Examining Dr. Paul Loser's Impact on the Trenton School District, 1940-1947
Justine Thomas

Trenton Central High: The Role of the High School in the Citywide Conflicts of 1967/1968
Andie Ayala

Gender, Race, and Class in 1960s Trenton Central High School
Tylor Johnson

The Rhetoric of Diversity: An analysis of the language used to attract black, low-income young men to the Princeton Summer Studies Program
Sarah Sakha

College Confidential: An Inside Look at the Princeton Summer Studies Program of 1964
Briana Payton

Trenton’s hopes as shaped by race, religion, ethnicity, class (3:40-4:30pm)
Hero or Typical Teen? An Examination of Harlan Joseph's Life and Legacy in Light of His Death
Talya Nevins

Life after Death: Community Organizing before and after the April 1968 Trenton Riots
Emmy Bender

"That Red, White and Blue is Our Flag Too": Puerto Rican Organization in Trenton 1960-1979
Amelia Zurcher

Exodus? A Case Study of Cooperation and Tolerance in Trenton’s Jewish Community, 1950-2006
Jordan Antebi

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