Embodied Computation Lab

The Embodied Computation Lab (ECL) at the Princeton School of Architecture is an award-winning space dedicated to architectural research, fabrication, and robotics. As a model for sustainability and low carbon emissions, the building itself serves as an example of the future of architectural production as well as a center for this type of research. It is the only building of its type among the leading architectural schools in America, hosting a fleet of robotic arms and a 5-ton gantry crane. These tools come together with a machine shop to provide students the opportunity to envision and create their own means of architectural production within a space that facilitates full-scale analysis of research post-production. Open to all architecture students within the School of Architecture, the ECL gives Princeton students a unique advantage to work one on one with cutting-edge technologies and helps transition innovative theoretical knowledge into practical application.

For more details about the School of Architecture Fabrication Shops: https://archfab.princeton.edu/