A Shed of Something, A Palace of Nothing Installed at Embodied Computation Lab

Embodied Computation Lab


Embodied Computation Lab Wins 2017 Best of Design Award from Architect's Newspaper

Embodied Computation Lab

03.13.16 to 03.19.16

Kaicong Wu and Axel Kilian Present Research Paper at Rob|Arch 2016

Embodied Computation Lab, ph.d.



Demonstrating micro-processes at the macro-scale from the Arch Lab to the Thermoheliodome to the Cool Oculus

Embodied Computation Lab, Cool Oculus, conferences

09.14.15 to 10.09.15

SoA Exhibit: Ultrastructures

Ultrastructures is a conference and exhibition dedicated to exploring the union of formal design processes at the macro scale with fundamental physical processes at the micro scale.

Embodied Computation Lab, Cool Oculus



This M.Arch project at Princeton University's School of Architecture investigates the relationship between the loom and the robot, questioning what it means to weave and thus questioning contemporary architectural tectonics.

students, Embodied Computation Lab, Augmented Materiality, m.arch, forging-fabrication


Interactive digital fabrication environment to explore gypsum shell reinforcement

In the context of the course ARC 596 “Embodied Computation”, a project is developed to explore novel forms for gypsum shell by repeatedly breaking and repairing these types of shells using digitally controlled tools.

Embodied Computation Lab, Augmented Materiality



The history + future of technical research in architecture and buildings at Princeton

students, Embodied Computation Lab

05.14.14 to 05.16.14

Rob Arch 2014 SOA Robotics Workshop

Rob Arch Robotics workshop at the emodied computation lab/greyshed

Embodied Computation Lab, conferences


PLOrk - Princeton Laptop Orchestra Performs with Robot

collaboration between PLOrk and robotic arm with Ryan Johns and Charles Avis from SOA

Embodied Computation Lab


Storefront Definitions Series - R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man

A discussion with Stan Allen, Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Daniel López-Pérez

Embodied Computation Lab


Robotic Arm Operational

The ABB 7600 robot arm donated by BMW is set up in the Arc Lab

Embodied Computation Lab