2023 Carter Manny Awards recognize Ph.D. students Angelika Joseph and An Tairan

We are pleased to share that the Graham Foundation’s 2023 Carter Manny Awards for doctoral dissertations and research by emerging scholars, announced today, confer citations of special recognition to two Princeton University SoA Ph.D. students, An Tairan and Angelika Joseph

Through these annual awards, the Graham Foundation supports work that contributes to new narratives in contemporary understanding of architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.

An Tairan’s “The Incidental Artifactuality of the Observational Sciences in Italy, c. 1840–1880” investigates the erratic media byproducts and unintended artifactual consequences both triggered and revealed by a group of research institutions established for the scientific observation of nature in mid-to-late nineteenth-century Italy.

Angelika Joseph’s “Red Power Takeover: Native American Activists, Colonial Landscapes, and the Design of Sovereignty” examines the strategies by which Red Power Movement activists designed social, cultural, and political transformations, weaponizing landscapes shaped by their oppressors against the state and creating new worlds within old architectural forms.

The winners were selected by an external panel of scholars, including Eva Díaz (Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, Pratt); Ginger Nolan (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, University of Southern California); and Adedoyin Teriba (Assistant Professor of Art History, Dartmouth).


Since 1996, the program—named for architect Carter H. Manny (1918–2017) founding trustee of the Graham Foundation—has granted 45 awards and 139 citations representing over $1 million in support of this important student work.

Congratulations to Tairan and Angelika. Click here to learn more about the awards and to explore the full list of the 2023 Carter Manny Award recipients and citations of special recognition.