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From the bioclimatic design of the Olgyays and the lighting computations of Labatut, to the structures of Billington and the energy efficient building systems of Socolow, Princeton University scholars have been making important contributions to architectural technology for decades. Backwards+Forwards will present the exciting work of current researchers, and the expansion of future research at the Archtectural Laboratory with the recently launched Embodied Computation Lab and its industrial robot. These new developments will be presented in the context of the important work done historically in the space, which remain significant today to the quest for better building systems and design methodologies. 

Opening Remarks:

Robert Geddes - "make it NEW, make it FIT, make it CIVIL" - see video below
William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Architecture, Emeritus; 1st Dean of Architecture,
School of Architecture, Princeton University

Keynote Address:
Victor Olgyay - "Diaspora"
Principal Architect, Buildings Practice, Rocky Mountain Institute

Speakers Schedule (tentative):

10:00 - Robert Geddes: Opening Remarks "make it NEW, make it FIT, make it CIVIL"

10:20 - Emily Carter + Alejandro Zaera-Polo: Connections between Architecture and Energy and the Environment at Princeton

10:40 - J. Robert Hillier + Matthew Clarke + ​ Axel Kilian: Computation and Labatut's learning Laboratory

12:00 - Lunch at Frick Chemistry CaFe next door
  Robot Demonstration in pavilion during the lunch break

1:30 - Daniel Barber + Forrest Meggers: Technology foundations in the Olgyay Legacy

2:15 Maria Garlock + Sigrid Adriaenssens: Structure and form of building evolution

3:00 - Break

3:15 - Robert Socolow + Leslie Norford + Harrison Fraker: Energy efficient building progress

4:30 - Victor Olgyay: Keynote: "Diaspora"


Glass Pavilion, "Labatut"
Architecture Laboratory + Embodied Computation Lab
Between Jadwin Gym and the new Frick Chemistry Laboratory (Campus Map)
Parking available in Lot 21