Pidgin Magazine


Pidgin is produced and edited by graduate students at the Princeton School of Architecture. Published twice yearly, it features the written and visual work of students, scholars, artists and writers. The objective of the magazine and its editors is twofold: to bring the highest quality work produced within the school to a larger audience, and to contribute to the fields of architecture, design, and urbanism through the publication of a wide variety of material ranging from historical research to art installations and travelogues.

Pidgin was formed in 2005, created by three Masters students at the School of Architecture. Founded as a repository for the “vast amount of good work done at the school,” it has since become a place of meaningful encounter and exchange for all aspects of our small school: faculty, staff, Masters students, and PhDs alike. Its cast of editors and protagonists change, and its ideas, form, and content change along with them. Pidgin is a question, not an answer.

Pidgin is always on the lookout for papers, lists, photographs, film stills, projects, ideas, tips, provocations, critiques, drawings, sketches, manifestos, recipes… most ANYTHING that you would like to communicate and discuss.

Pidgin is not a brochure, it is a dispatch. We hope it finds you well.

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