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Pidgin is a publication edited and designed by graduate students at the Princeton University School of Architecture. The name Pidgin encapsulates the spirit of the journal: a type of communication formed by a lack of common language, and a homonym for a low-tech, feathered dispatch. From its inception in 2005, Pidgin has provided a platform for the written and visual detritus of students, faculty, practitioners, historians, and theorists at Princeton and beyond, emphasizing current critical work across formats rather than polished products. By assembling a range of contributors and work, each issue creates an eclectic compilation of contemporary thought in architecture and its related disciplines.


Pidgin is a collaborative project consisting of student editors in both the PhD and the Master of Architecture programs at the Princeton School of Architecture. The editors work together on all stages of the production of the journal, and there is no chief editor. Current students are invited to apply for editor positions every August and January by submitting a resume, writing sample, and design work sample. Pidgin operates with the financial support of the School of Architecture, but remains otherwise independent in the conception, production, and administration of the journal.


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Current Editors: Jonah Coe-Scharff, Chase Galis, Ryan Hughes, Anna Kerr, Jamie Lipson, Christina Moushoul, Sonia Sobrino Ralston, Anna Renken, Ian Ting

Previous Editors: Ilana Altman, Aleksandr Bierig, Julia Chapman, Kate Yeh Chiu, Esther Choi, Jean Choi, Matthew Clarke, Brandon Clifford, Taylor Cornelson, Phillip Denny, Ivi Diamantopoulou, Michael Faciejew, Clemens Finkelstein, Justin Fowler, Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Melissa Frost, Miles Gertler, Margo Handwerker, José Ibarra, Leen Katrib, Van Kluytenaaar, Rennie Jones, Anna Knoell, Ang Li, Sheila Lin, Lindsey May, Myles McCaulay, Marc McQuade, José Meza, Gina Morrow, Caroline O’Donnell, Masha Panteleyeva , Enrique Ramirez, Camila Reyes Alé, Jessica Reynolds, Nicholas Risteen, Ryan Roark, Anne Romme, Kyle Schumann, Irene Sunwoo, Tyler Suomala, Matthew Storrie, Brian Talbot, Philip Tidwell, Jessie Turnbull, Michael Wang, Thomas Wong, Christopher Yorke, and Yshai Yudekovitz