The Kassler Lecture


This lecture series, inaugurated in the 1966-67 academic year with a lecture by R. Buckminster Fuller, was established in memory of Kenneth Kassler by his friends and colleagues.

Kenneth Kassler (1905-1964) was an architect, alumnus and instructor at Princeton University, and a World War II veteran. He received an undergraduate degree in 1927 and an MFA in Architecture in 1930, continuing on as an instructor in Architecture at the University from 1930 to 1933. He helped organize the University's bicentennial program in 1946 and later became chairman of the advisory council of Princeton's School of Architecture. In 1947, 1960, 1963 and 1964 he served as critic of graduate architectural design.

Kassler became internationally recognized in 1954 for the design of his house on Lafayette Road West, in Princeton, NJ. Among his other major recognitions were his 1960 election as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and his service on the selection committee for architects and planners of the Fulbright foreign scholarship program. His institutional work includes the Douglass College Gymnasium and a classroom‐laboratory building on the Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus, an extensive development for the Tenacre Foundation at Princeton, and the State of New Jersey's Brisbane Child Treatment Center and Turrell Residential Group Treatment Center at Allaire. He was also the designer of Princeton's original YM-YWCA building, where he was a trustee. As an active member of the Princeton community, Kassler served as a president of the Dorothea Van Dyke Mclean Association, a former trustee and vice president of Miss Fine's School, and as a member of the Princeton Borough zoning board of adjustment.



R. Buckminster Fuller 1966-67

Dr. René Dubos 1968-69

Duccio A. Turin 1970-71

James Marston Fitch 1972-73

Sir Leslie Martin 1973-74

Vincent Scully 1978-79

Lord Richard Llewelyn-Davies 1979-80

Sally Woodbridge 1982-83

Reyner Banham 1982-83

Neil Levine 1982-83

Peter Eisenman 1984-85

Laura Thermes 1985-86

Phyllis Lambert 1986-87

Edward Jones 1988-89

Alex Cooper 1989-90

Josef Paul Kleihues 1990-91

John Hejduk 1991-92

Bruno Reichlin 1993-94

Kisho Kurokawa 1994-95

Nigel Coates 1995-96

Arata Isozaki 1996-97

Kenzaburo Oe 1996-97

Nicholas Grimshaw 1999-2000

Kazuyo Sejima 2000-01

Henry N. Cobb 2001-02

Steven Holl 2003-04

Rem Koolhaas 2004-05

Denise Scott Brown 2005-06

Paulo Mendes da Rocha 2006-07

Wolf Prix 2007-08

Kurt W. Forster 2007-08

Toyo Ito 2008-09

Dave Hickey 2009-10

Rafael Moneo, 2010-2011

Stanley Tigerman, 2011-2012

Frank O. Gehry 2013-2014

Bernard Tschumi 2014-2015

Thom Mayne 2016-2017

Odile Decq, Fall 2017

Sir David Adjaye OBE, Spring 2018

Herman Hertzberger, Fall 2018

Jeanne Gang, Spring 2019

Darell Wayne Fields, Fall 2020

Toshiko Mori, Spring 2022

Emilio Ambasz, Fall 2022

Farshid Moussavi, Spring 2023