Robotic Arm Operational

At the end of August finally the ABB robotic arm has arrived at the Arc Lab thanks to a donation by BMW from their Spartanburg, SC, US factory thanks to Stefan Bartscher from BMW Munich and through the introduction of Peter Schmitt then at the MIT Media Lab. Thanks to everyone on BMW's and Princeton University side for making this possible. Thank you to John Hunter for preparing the Arc Lab glas cube space and to facilities for the partial renovation of the space for the arm setup.

Ryan Luke Johns, cofounder of greyshed has joined as Research Associate to develop the robotic arm as a research platform within the embodied computation lab. Setup of the arm has been completed and the arm (will hopefully be available to work with in) (September) (now October) (now November) is available to work with in December

Update Oct 11 - Foundation is in place - interior paint stripped from facade.

Update Oct 15 - Baseplate is bolted in place ready for installation of the robot arm

Update Oct 20 - Robot moved and fixed on baselate

Update Oct 31 - Halloween - dressed up in shovel costume - jumping the bandwagon of the latest swiss robotic work at designtoproduction

Update nov 1 - Windows cleaned in the glass cube

Update Nov 4 - Trench digging for electricity complete

Update Nov 5 - plan for electricity to be supplied...

Update Nov 7 - milling and assembly of tool holder

Update Nov 18 - electricity installed - arm connected ready to run

Update  first safety mode test run - after successful reinstallation of the controller OS by Ryan and overall sucessful controller debugging - arm operational


Axel Kilian


First video of the arm tracing out a surface edge normal to the surface - generated through Rhino, brought into Grasshopper and paths generated through Mussel, a Grasshopper plugin developed by Ryan Johns.