SoA Lecture: Fabian Scheurer - Lost in Parameter Space or Digital Craftsmanship

SoA Lecture: Helmut Pottmann - Advances and Challenges in Architectural Geometryputation

SoA Lecture: Casey Reas, Ben Fry - Designing Programs

SoA Lecture: Christian Derix - Synthetic Search: The Spatiality of Computational Heuristics

SoA Lecture: "Critical Politics"

SoA Lecture: "Media Agents"

SoA Lecture: "Practice Matters"

SoA Lecture: "Pen Power"

SoA Lecture: "Urbanisms"

SoA Lecture: "Animate Matter"

Eisenman 80: Architecture and Resistance

SoA Lecture: "Greens"

SoA Lecture: "Digital Geometries"

SoA Lecture: "New Kids On The Block"

SoA Lecture: "Rustbelt"

SoA Lecture: "Old World"

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Priyanka Anne Jacob + Daniela Fabricius

TALK: Yanni Loukissas

SoA Lecture: "New Brave Worlds (Asia)"

IHUM Panel: Inventing Abstraction

SoA Lecture: "New Brave Worlds (Africa/Latin America)"

City as Loft - Adaptive Reuse as a Resource for Sustainable Urban Development

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Adedoyin Teriba + Federica Vannucchi

SoA Lecture: "Educators"

What is Cosmopolitical Design?

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Carolina Sá-Carvalho + Frances Jacobus-Parker + Pep Avilés

SoA Lecture: "Thinking Technology"

M+M Lecture: Sigrid Weigel

CAUI: Not Smart Enough

M+M Lecture: Joseph Vogl

M+M Lecture: Joseph Vogl

SoA Lecture: "Curators"

Lecture: Mark Pauly - architectural caustics, free form geometry

IHUM Symposium: The Secret Life of Plants

Studio Exhibition: "The Bowery Reimagined: Ideas City Street Fest"

Book Talk with Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio and Ed Dimendberg

Exhibition: Art of Science

Pidgin 15 Launch

Alumni Lecture: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

PLAS Lecture: Tatiana Bilbao Studio

SoA Lecture: Markus Bader, "Ephemeral"

Lisa Hsieh Dissertation Defense

Craig Buckley Dissertation Defense

SoA Lecture: HHF - Simon Frommenwiler & Simon Hartmann, "Rough"

M+M: “Looking Inward" - Conversation on the launch of Manifest

SoA Lecture: Fabio Gramazio, "Automatic"

Pidgin 16: Fiction Launch

Els Verbakel Dissertation Defense

Irene Sunwoo Dissertation Defense

M+M: Laura Kurgan, Neil Brenner, "Close Up at a Distance"

SoA Lecture: Andrés Jaque, "Ordinary"

Many Minds, Many Stripes

Technically Speaking Conversation: Forrest Meggers & John May

SoA Lecture: Santiago Cirugeda Parejo, "Cheap"

M+M: Jonathan Crary, "24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep"

SoA Lecture: Indy Johar, "Shared"

Technically Speaking Conversation: Michael Young & Andrew Zago

SoA Conference: Anonymous

M+M: Colloquium - "Ghostly Apparitions: German Idealism, the Gothic Novel, and Optical Media"

SoA Lecture: Jean-Philippe Vassal, "Raw"

SoA Lecture: Kersten Geers, "Generic"

Form Follows Technique - Richard Schultz

SoA Lecture: Alfredo Brillembourg, "Scarce"

F'13 Design Studio Reviews

Public Review: Reiser JIW

Public Review: Gandelsonas SIW

Public Review: Lewis Design Studio

Public Review: Meredith Design Studio

Public Review: F'13 M.Arch. Thesis Pass/Fail

Public Review: Young Design Studio

Public Review: Allen Design Studio (Integrated Building Studio)

F'13 MArch Thesis Reviews, "Institution Building"

IHUM Symposium: Aesthetics of Information

SoA Lecture: Joseph Grima, “The Ad-Hoc”

M+M: David Joselit, "After Art: Information Politics"

SoA Lecture: Junya Ishigami, “The Anemic”

M+M: Graham Harman, "Objects, Networks, and the Earth"

Storefront Definitions Series - R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man

SoA Lecture: Brendan McGetrick, “The Anonymous”

SoA Lecture: Frank Gehry, "The Gehryfied"

Dan Wood: Architecture, Cities and Food

SoA Lecture: Teresa Gali-Izard, "The Depleted"

SoA Conference: Data Drama

SoA Lecture: Sheila Kennedy, “The Soft”

CRAFTWORK Student Lecture Series

CRAFTWORK: Terry Knight, "Visual+ Computing"

PLOrk - Princeton Laptop Orchestra Performs with Robot

SoA Lecture: Momoyo Kaijima, “The Found”

Rob Arch 2014 SOA Robotics Workshop

CAUI Booklet I & II Launch


Book Launch: Shell Structures for Architecture

SoA Lecture: Eyal Weizman, "Forensis"

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Zaera-Polo, Kilian, Meggers

Lecture: Stadium Cultures in North and South America

Film Screening: Diana Agrest, "The Making of an Avant-Garde"

M+M: Claus Pias, "Friedrich Kittler and the 'misuse of military equipment'

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Meredith, Reiser, Allen

Meggers at Butler/PEI Energy Table

SoA Lecture: Michael Rock and K-Hole, “Trend Forecasting”

Lecture: Postwar New York

SoA Lecture: George Legendre and Andrew Witt, "Analytic Geometries”

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Allais, Gandelsonas, Young

Lecture: Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia

SoA Lecture: Philipp Schaerer and Eric de Broche des Combes, "Digital Gestaltung”

Forum: Eric Avila - Chocolate Cities & Vanilla Suburbs

M+M: Claire Zimmerman with Brigid Doherty, “The Promise and Threat of ‘Photographic Architecture’”

SoA Lecture: Carlo Ratti and Pedro Reyes, "Smart Cities”

Book Talk: Eric Avila - The Folklore of the Freeway

M+M: Megan R. Luke with Spyros Papapetros, “Kurt Schwitters in the Age of ‘Gestaltung’”

Forum: Unequal Ties - the Challenges of Urban History in the Global South

SoA Lecture: David Benjamin and David Ruy, "Bio-design”

Fall '14 Thesis Sessions - Lewis, Papapetros, Jaque, Diller

Book Talk: Justin McGuirk - Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

Symposium: Reimagining the American City

F'14 Student Symposium: " F̶i̶r̶m̶n̶e̶s̶s̶,̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶m̶o̶d̶i̶t̶y̶,̶ & Delight"

Forum: Cities of Latin/o America - Culture, Policy, and Built Environments

SoA Lecture: Achim Menges and Jenny Sabin, “Material Computation”

SoA Exhibit: The Instruments Project

Pidgin 18 Launch

The Instruments Project: Princeton Conversations

SoA Lecture: Patrik Shumacher and Michael Hansmeyer, “Parametrics”

M+M: Keller Easterling with Bruno Carvalho, "Extrastatecraft: the Power of Infrastructure Space"

Forum: The Struggle for the Future of New Orleans

SoA Exhibit: "Avatars"

Seminar and Studio Presentations

The City Lost and Found Film Series

SoA Lecture: Greg Lynn and Chuck Hoberman, “Motion Dynamics”


M+M: Kaira M. Cabañas with Keith Sanborn, "Off-Screen Cinema"

SoA Lecture: Winka Dubbeldam

SoA Exhibit: Tracing Waste

M+M: Francesca Hughes with Lucia Allais, "The Architecture of Error"

SoA Lecture: Bernard Tschumi

M+M: Jörg H. Gleiter, "Philosophical Flaneur: Nietzsche’s Discovery of the City"

SoA Lecture: Hashim Sarkis

Symposium: Producing Waste/Producing Space


Exhibit: "The Built Environment - Design for Life," Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie - with presentation by Forrest Meggers

M+M: Giuliana Bruno with Thomas Y. Levin, "Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality and Media"

SoA Lecture: Jonathan Massey

Princeton University/University of São Paulo: Fluvial Metropolis Workshop

SoA Exhibit: Projections - Recent Works by Young & Ayata and Norman Kelley

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Ashley Lazevnick + Ignacio G. Galán


Luis Castañeda - The Modernist Frontier

Conference: Learning from/in Latin America

SoA Lecture: Rodolphe el-Khoury - Cancelled


City as Stage / Art as Plan

SoA Lecture: Elizabeth Diller

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Evangelos Kotsioris + Chris Reitz

SoA Lecture: Hernan Diaz Alonso

M+M: Kaja Silverman with Eduardo Cadava, "THE MIRACLE OF ANALOGY, or, The History of Photography, Part 1"

SoA Exhibit: Frederick Kiesler's Magic Architecture

Forum: Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation

Workshop: Frederick Kiesler’s Magic Architecture

SoA Lecture: Wiel Arets

M+M Doctoral Colloquium: Erica DiBenedetto + Nathaniel Wolfson + Joseph Bedford

SoA Lecture: Amale Andraos

Symposium: The State Between

S'15 Design Studio Reviews

Labor Day

Graduate/undergraduate academic year sign-in begins

SoA Exhibit: Ultrastructures

Graduate School Orientation

Seminar and studio presentations

Classes Begin


Fall 2015 M.Arch Declaration of Thesis

Undergraduate Add/Drop Deadline

M+M / Hal Foster, "In Praise of Dead Art"

Mellon Forum | The Color of Modernity

Manifest ParaTours – Adventures in American Architecture

Mellon Forum | J.B. Jackson's Vision of the City as Part of the Landscape

URB Film Series | Avalon

SoA Exhibit: MOS - Videos and Rocks

SoA Lecture: Jinhee Park

Mellon Forum | Race, Real Estate, and Architecture

URB Film Series | Si Se Puede

M+M / Mabel O. Wilson, "Becoming History: The Spatial Politics of the Black American Public Sphere 1895-1965"

SoA Lecture: Lukasz Stanek

M+M / Lukasz Stanek, "Team Ten East"

SoA Lecture: Jan De Vylder

SoA Lecture: Monica Ponce de Leon

M+M / Greil Marcus with Hal Foster on Two New Books

Conflict Shorelines: History, Politics & Climate Change

Mellon Forum | Literature Between Home and the City

M+M / Eduardo Cadava, "When I Was a Photographer: Nadar's Modernity"

Mellon Forum | Over the Ruins of Amazonia

SoA Lecture: Mimi Hoang / Eric Bunge

Mellon Forum | Latin America, Space and the Cold War

Mellon Forum | Inscribing Home in the City in Mexico and Colombia

Conference: Postmodern Procedures

M+M / Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, "Are We Human? : The Design of the Species"

Mellon Forum | The Future of Public Housing

Final Studio Reviews

PEI Faculty Seminar Series: Mario Gandelsonas, The Des Moines Farming Corridor

SoA Exhibit: Itineraries - 2015 Butler Traveling Fellowships

SoA Exhibit: Commonplace

Classes Begin

Studio and Seminar Presentations (including studio lottery)

SoA Lecture: Cynthia Davidson

Conference | After the Spectacular Image: Art, Architecture, and the Media of Climate Change

M+M / Mark Wigley and John Harwood, "Buckminster Fuller Inc.: Architecture in the Age of Radio"

SoA Lecture: K. Michael Hays

SoA Exhibit: DOME / КУПОЛ

M+M / Tacita Dean, "Is Film More Medium Than Technology?"

Detroit 101: Art & Image

Space Race Archaeologies

SoA Lecture: Maurice Cox

Detroit 101: Urbanism & Design

PhD Colloquium: Javier Arbona

Midterms/Midterm Reviews

M+M / Doctoral Colloquium / Kristin Poor + Hannah Yohalem

Detroit 101: The Arts of Urban Transition

Spring Recess (Studio Trips)

SoA Exhibit: A Citizen’s Guide To Real Estate Investment

M+M / Doctoral Colloquium / Sara Marcus + Anna-Maria Meister

SoA Lecture: Sandy Attia

Detroit 101: Philanthropy & Public Policy

M+M / Seth Price, "Seth Price Reads from His Recent Novel"

Detroit 101: History, Race, and Real Estate

SoA Exhibit: Gallery Reception

PhD Colloquium: Hadas Steiner. "Birds and Biotopes"

SoA Kassler Lecture: Thom Mayne - POSTPONED

RESCHEDULED: PhD Colloquium: Martin Bressani

SoA Lecture: Michael Meredith

SoA Exhibit: SALVAGE

PhD Colloquium: Nicholas D'Avella

Fluvial Metropolis Workshop 3

Film Screening: Paris, Ni Hao

PhD Colloquium: Andrew Herscher

SoA Lecture: Barry Bergdoll, Hal Foster, and Guy Nordenson - Reading Structures

SoA Lecture: Sylvia Lavin

Last Day of Classes

Final Studio Reviews

Engineering + Creativity

Spring Term Examinations

Faculty Deadline for Undergraduate Course Grades

Faculty Deadline for Graduate Course Grades

Spring 2016 Term Ends

Alumni Reunion Reception


Class Day; Graduate School Hooding Ceremony

Commencement Day

Final Public Oral Exam of Pep Avilés

COLLATERAL: Posters from the Archive 1961-2016

Fall 2016 Lecture: The End of Authority

Mellon Forum | The Nature of Cities

M+M / Amie Siegel

Final Public Oral Exam of Daria Ricchi

M+M / Nonobjects and Folded Frames / Monica Amor and Irene V. Small

Fall 2016 Lecture: Author After Author

The Quick and the Dead

Fall 2016 Lecture: The Architecture of Creative Miscegenation

Gallery Talk: Conversations

Software Workshop: Photoshop (beginner)

Software Workshop: Photoshop (advanced)

Software Workshop: Illustrator (beginner)

The Bulldozer & the Artist: Reinventing American Cities after World War II

Fall 2016 Lecture: The Ownership Revolution. Digital Culture and the Transformation of Architectural Practice and Ideals

The Kassler Lecture: W.I.P #183

Software Workshop: AutoCAD (beginner)

PhD Candidate Presentation: Prophetic Architecture at the End of the UN Mandate System

Software Workshop: Rhino (beginner)

Software Workshop: InDesign (beginner)

Media + Modernity Event: Ina Blom

Fall 2016 Lecture: Writing and Reading

Media + Modernity Event: José Lira

Media + Modernity Event: Doctoral Colloquium

Fall 2016 Lecture: Signatures

MAN transFORMS: The Documents, a talk by Laurent Stalder

Final Public Oral Exam of Daniela Fabricius

Media + Modernity Event: Noam M. Elcott

Forum on Intellectual Life in a Critical Time

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Hongshan Guo

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Kaicong Wu

Student Presentations: Trenton-Princeton Research Projects

PhD Candidates Organize Workshop with Program in European Cultural Studies

17 Volcanoes: Works by Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, Armin Linke, Bas Princen, U5 and Wermke/Leinkauf

The Historian and the X

Far from Sanctuary: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights

Software Workshop: Portfolio Building

Lecture Series: Preston Scott Cohen

Lecture Series: Mabel Wilson

Software Workshop: InDesign

Police and Infrastructure in the U.S. - Mexico Borderland

Embodied Computation Lab Open House

Software Workshop: Photoshop

Outlaw Territories: Environments of Insecurity/Architectures of Counterinsurgency

Landscape as Urbanism: A General Theory

Software Workshop: Illustrator

Agonistics: Spaces of Democracy, Resistance, and Pluralism

Stand by Your Monster and Some Queer Methods

Lecture Series: Anne Holtrop

Software Workshop: AutoCAD

Software Workshop: Rhino

Environmental Translations: Experiments in Writing Space, Environment, and Time

Writing Atmosphere: Experiments in Spatial and Environmental Writing

The Construction of an Image

What Does a Global History of Urban Segregation tell us about Global Urban History?

Lecture Series: Milton S.F. Curry

The Alien in our Midst: Memory, Displacement and the Making of our Everyday World


M.Arch II Thesis Exhibition

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Victoria Bugge Oeye

Fluvial Metropolis Workshop

One Complex Situation: Histories of Observation in Architecture

Lecture Series: Elizabeth Diller

21 January 2017, In 08:44 Out 20:16

Infrastructures of Imagination: New Theories of Tomorrow

Perversions of Eco/Urban Futures

Programmed New: World Environmental Design and Cybernetics in Latin America

Lecture Series: Mari Lending

Urban Futures

Space and Sovereignty in South Asia

Lecture Series: Bernhard Siegert


Landscapes of Development

Program in Media + Modernity: Doctoral Colloquium

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Elis Mendoza

Exhibition Models

Fall Lecture Series: V. Mitch McEwen

Media + Modernity Event: Lesley Lokko

REVOLUTIONIZING REVOLUTION: A Tender Guerrilla On Cis-Architecture

Princeton Mellon Forum: Biota

Fall Lecture Series: BairBalliet

Contested Lands: Territory, Resources and Identity in Contemporary Canada

Fall Lecture Series: Odile Decq

Princeton Mellon Forum: Air

Fall Lecture Series: Pascal Flammer

Princeton Mellon Forum: Carbon

Fall Lecture Series: Kunlé Adeyemi

Media + Modernity Event: Thomas Hirschhorn

Fall Lecture Series: amid.cero9

ARE WE HUMAN? : The Design of the Species : 2 seconds, 2 days, 2 years, 200 years, 200,000 years

Hold: A Meditation on Black Aesthetics

Media + Modernity Event: Hito Steyerl

Princeton Mellon Forum: Cargo

Fall Lecture Series: Andrés Jaque

Media + Modernity Event: Devin Fore & Matt Witkovsky

Princeton Mellon Forum: Building Materials

Media + Modernity Event: Naeem Mohaiemen


Speculation In, On, and Around: Fall Lecture Series Colloquium

Princeton Mellon Forum: Water

Aldo Rossi: The Architecture and Art of the Analogous City

Lecture Series: Amanda Williams

Gallery Talk with Gianni Braghieri and Daniel Sherer

Gallery Talk with Daniel Sherer

Lecture Series: Wei-Han Vivian Lee

Gallery Talk with Anthony Vidler

Lecture Series: Jennifer Bonner

Final Public Oral Exam of Vanessa Grossman

Media + Modernity Event: Warren Neidich

Gallery Talk with Kurt Forster

Princeton Mellon Initiative Forum: Nerves

Lecture Series: Virginia San Fratello

Media + Modernity Event: Samia Henni

Lecture Series: Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen

Lecture Series: Paola Antonelli

Rescheduled: Gallery Talk with Peter Eisenman

Princeton Mellon Initiative Forum: Color

Media + Modernity Event: Zeynep Celik Alexander

Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies Conference

Princeton Mellon Initiative Forum: Microbes

Media + Modernity Event: Geoff Winthrop Young

The Case of Concrete

Lecture Series: Meredith Miller

Post-Professional Thesis Student Exhibition: Nine Constructionists

Lecture Series: Sir David Adjaye OBE

Liquid La Habana: Ice Cream, Rum, Waves, Sweat and Spouts

Media + Modernity Event: Cooking Sections

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Martín Cobas Sosa

Princeton Mellon Initiative Forum: Scent

Media + Modernity Event: Tomas Saraceno

Lecture Series: Rob Giampietro

Princeton Mellon Initiative Forum: Music

Dissertation Proposal Defense of Carson Chan

Lecture Series: Patricia Falguières

Digesting Materiality, a Disorderly Colloquium

Closing Event for Liquid La Habana: Gallery Talk, Symposium + Ice Cream Social(ism)

Media + Modernity Doctoral Colloquium

Final Public Oral Exam of Ignacio Gonzalez Galan

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